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Pacific Blue Cross to Administer Dental Benefits

Pacific Blue Cross to Administer Dental Benefits for Clients of the First Nations Health Authority in British Columbia as of September 16, 2019.

Pacific Blue Cross is now the new third-party dental benefits administrator for clients of the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA).

As of September 16, 2019, claims and pre-determinations for FNHA clients must be submitted to Pacific Blue Cross rather than to Indigenous Services Canada’s Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program.

Users must submit all claims and pre-determinations to Pacific Blue Cross using the Policy number 40000. Member ID numbers will be the same as FNHA clients’ Status Numbers.

Insurance Plan information in ABELDent will need to be modified to support this new carrier change.

Perform the following:

  1. Click on Insurance, then Add/Edit Plans to open the Insurance Plan Information Box
  2. Highlight the plan or plans you use for NIHB from the list on the left. (you may have plan names such as NIHB, FCH, IA)
  3. Click Edit Plan, then click Select/Edit Carrier.
  4. The Insurance Carrier File Update window will open – select PBC from the list and click OK
  5. Click OK on the Insurance Plan Information window to save the changes.
  6. Perform the above steps for other NIHB type plans that you have which used a carrier of First Canadian Health Management (FCHM)

Link to the official communication from Pacific Blue Cross

For additional information please call Pacific Blue Cross at 604 419-2000 (toll-free at 1 877-PAC-BLUE) or visit